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Skyline Domestic Removals

Makes your moving easier

With some help from Skyline Removals, won't seem like such a challenge when it's time for your home move. Be it your house or business, all you need to do is contact our removal company and we will take care of the rest for you. Just tell us what you're moving and when you want it moved - the team of diligent specialists will make sure your belongings will reach their destination.

No more fatigue

What makes Skyline Removals a great choice for home relocation is that you are always in complete control of what is going on. You can choose the exact day and time that suit your schedule best, and that's when the experts will come to the appointed address to carry out your move. They will get to work right away. First, they will load your belongings in the vans with the utmost care, then they will take off to wherever you need them to be.

Happy professional workers

The team of moving specialists consists of diligent and hard-working professionals. They are well-trained and come equipped with the latest tools and gear to complete the job. The team also knows London quite well - and the vans are equipped with GPRS - so you can be sure they will find the shortest, most convenient route when your move takes place.

Reassembly service

Our experienced packers will handle your possessions with the care and consideration, from packing all those boxes to dismantling and re-assembling your goods efficiently and smoothly, so you can feel comfortable in your new home.

  • Fast moving service

    For when you want a fast hassel free move.

  • Secure checklist

    Our moving professionals will work to a checklist to ensure that nothing is left out.

  • Packing service

    We can provide you with durable boxes and packing materials as well as packing your goods.

  • Delicate Packaging service

    We can provide you with durable boxes and packing materials to ensure your fragile items are relocated safely and securely.

  • Heavy furniture

    We will ensure your heavy items are strapped securely to our vans and are relocated safely.

  • Cargo service

    We also offer cargo services for when you wish to move abroad quickly.

Packing Materials & charges

Product Dimensions Charges
Box (medium) 15"×15"×15" £2.00
Box (large) 24"×18"×18" £3.00
Wardrobe box 24"×18"×18" £11.99
Bubble wrap 100 meters £1.00 pr metre
Fragile Tapes 48 x 66mm £2.50
Brown Tapes 48 x 75mm £2.50
Cling film/roll pallet wrap 450x300mm £30 per roll
Packing paper Apprx 200 shts £20 per pk

Did you find what you need?

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Removal tips

  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It’s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service start dates at your new home.
Packing and labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you’re going on a trip for a few days.

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